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MyKllS BlackBerry App World Description

Count the calling in minutes or seconds and SMS monthly, Change the led color for every contact, hang up and redial, Block calls, vibrate when connected call, schedule block phonenumbers.
From today, MyKllS makes possible to have a total control OF calls made and received from your BlackBerry®, implementing administrative tools that allow you to configure of a simple way the follow options:

Call Rate calculator - Allows you to enter your billing day, as well as the minutes including within your plan and the including SMS to carry a control of minutes or SMS that can generate a balance with your provider.

Free Calls With Limited Time - You can configure warning time, hang with option to automatic redial as well as specify that the number does not affect the call rate monthly.
Free SMS - You can specify that the SMS for a phonenumber does not affect the call rate monthly.

Schedule Block - Specific a schedule for the reception of natural calls, allowing the configuration of privileged numbers (family, friends direct, etc) to be the unique calls you receive outside the established hours.

Total Block - Allows you to configure a Block for selected numbers, sending its call to the voicemail or configuring the BlackBerry® to answer and hang automatically eliminating up to the possibility of access to voicemail to these numbers.
**New Feature on version 1.1
Vibrate on Incoming Calls - BlackBerry® by default cant sound and vibrate at same time, now with MyKlls u can add this option when incoming calls.
**New Feature on version 1.2
Now you can add manually phonenumbers to control.
**New Feature on version 1.3
Vibrate when call connect
Support for OS 7.0
**New Feature on version 2.0
-new options for call rate calculator:
change the configuration in hours to minutes
add a sms count
it can count in minutes or seconds depending on how the provider counts
it shows on percent the configuration on your plan
alerts when 25, 50, 75 and 100% of use on your plan
-new options for General configuration:
add phonenumbers directly from your agenda
add a name for every phonenumber of MYKLLS list
can disable the automatically add phonenumbers feature
-new options for contact configuration:
configure your contact that have free sms so they will no rate on call rate calculator.
change led color from every contact with 22 colors and combos.

Please read the instructions or watch the video tutorials, if u have any questions please contact us first, we are glad to help u.
Myklls is a development of intelligent software, because once configured you can enjoy the benefits of the application using your BlackBerry® as always do.
Installation Notes: Once Installed, go to Menu, choose "Options", then "Applications", choose MyKllS an hit menu, then "Edit Permissions", Change all items to "Allow".
Video Tutorials: www.youtube.com/myklls or search myklls on youtube
Download / InstallDownload and install MyKllS on your BlackBerry!

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